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    "Josie has taken the time to know my personal tastes"

    Josie White has worked with me in our last two homes to create the perfect environment for our family. From a 100 year home with traditional and classic styling to our more modern home, Josie has without exception helped me realize my vision.

    Josie has taken the time to know my personal tastes and is always respectful of those, while sourcing alternatives to push boundaries without over steeping. By no way does she push her suggestion on you, rather giving you choice in the decision making process.

    Josie's attention to detail in her work, from accurate measurements to perfecting the finer details on that perfect cushion, I cannot thank Josie enough for her support and direction.

    I have no hesitation on recommending Josie as an accomplished interior designer, who will help you to enhance your home to achieve your very own personal look.

    Jackie Kirwan-Green

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    "Josie’s enthusiastic personality is infectious"

    Josie White worked with me in 2009 to ensure our new home would be decorated accordingly to move into come September 2010 and the experience was amazing.

    Josie’s enthusiastic personality is infectious and her desire to provide only the right furnishings to compliment our family home made a very big project seem so effortless and enjoyable.

    Josie was constantly providing new inspiration and ideas, and was not afraid to put together something which made it so easy to visualise how the finished products would look and for someone like me who cannot draw and until this point had never decorated a new home it was a blessing.

    Working with Josie really motivated me to spend time choosing and searching for the final touches to our home that would really compliment all her hard work and it has really made such a difference.

    I have a few more projects planned and will indeed be working with Josie on all of them.

    I would open my home to any potential client to view the quality of her work. Josie is clearly very talented, professional, respectful, but more than that I feel I have made a friend from all the time we have spent together. Josie is a very genuine hard working individual and I love her work.

    Yours sincerely Ngarita Ditfort 

  • Geoff + Leanne McPhaill

    "very happy with the choices Josie offered us"

    Over the last couple of years we have been refurnishing our home and asked Josie to assist us with our decisions. 

    Josie advised us on wall colours, curtain choices, furnishings and wallpaper designs. We wanted a practical but stylish look encompassing both modern and  antique furniture.

    We were very happy with the choices Josie offered us and together we put together a stylish design which we were very pleased with.

    We look forward to working with Josie again to help redecorate our earthquake damaged home.

    Geoff and Leanne McPhail


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    "I owe a great deal to Josie. I would never consult anyone else"

     Two years ago I moved into my new townhouse, a two storied, three bedroomed home designed by David Sheppard of Sheppard and Rout.

    I needed curtains and blinds for every room and Josie White guided me all the way, making very helpful suggestions, perhaps with colours and designs I needn’t have thought of myself.

    The Roman blinds have worked very well and the curtains look very attractive also.

    I have one big window with very full curtains held back on each side with beautiful gold tasselled tiebacks and they look stunning.

    I am so happy with my home and it’s décor.

    I owe a great deal to Josie. I would never consult anyone else, and would totally recommend her to anyone planning to decorate.


    Felicity Aitken

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    "extremely happy with the results"

    My first impression of Josie was how friendly and cherry, yet genuine and professional she was.

    Her willingness to first listen to what I liked, combined with her extensive knowledge of colour and fabrics, her exacting attention to detail and her desire to go the extra mile for me exceeded my expectations by far.

    I am extremely happy with the results and I would definitely consult with her again. I have no hesitation in recommending Josie to others with full confidence.

    Dawn McLaughlan - Woodend