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    It can all be a bit overwhelming with the choices now available with Interior Design, so many options, which is great, but where does one start?

    You may have lots of wonderful ideas whizzing around in your head but don’t quite know how to bring them all together.

    Whether you are planning to build a new home, update your existing one or just wanting to freshen up the one room, I can help you through the process to get your ideas and decorating scheme underway.

    The end result will be a distinctively unique and comfortable home to be enjoyed for many years to come. 

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    Floor Coverings

    This is a great starting point as it is one of your biggest expenses and needs to be right.

    Carpet, hard flooring, vinyl or that perfect rug, I can source samples and provide quotes on a huge range of product on today’s market. 

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    Colour Schemes

    The easiest way to transform the look of your home is with wall colour.

    I love the way it can soothe or excite, expand or cocoon.

    Armed with numerous Resene swatches, I can help you choose the colours that appeal, then provide a written specification and A4 size Brush-outs of the colours chosen – so much easier to imagine the end results. 

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    I think of wallpaper as the upholstery for your walls.

    Whether it is one wall, or the whole room, wallpaper can bring character to a space.

    So many choices are now available and I can provide contact for expert trades people who will ensure that the finished result is perfection. 

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    Window Furnishings

    Drapery is an important aspect in your interior as it provides warmth and privacy as well as enhancing the space with its texture, pattern and combinations of colour.

    The choices in blinds also has increased dramatically over recent years and needs expert advice and measuring to obtain the best result.

    Rest assured that you are in very experienced hands as Window Furnishings is my specialty. 

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    I love a puzzle to solve and won’t stop till I find that perfect piece of furniture to compliment your space.

    With choices from the leading New Zealand manufacturers, I can offer you a vast range of styles to suit your budget. 

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    Reupholstering and Squabs

    That special armchair, that always was so comfortable but now looks a bit sad since the cat used it as a scratching post, can be reinvented into a stylish addition to your home. Working closely with my talented upholsterer, we can transform and breathe new life into your preloved furniture.

    Squabs in a window seat are a delight in your home environment, a sunny spot to put your feet up in, and extra storage underneath.

    I will guide you through the correct choices to ensure they will last for many years. 

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    The Bedding and Bed heads

    The Bedroom is our haven at the end of the day, and what we first wake up to in the morning. Therefore it should be a pleasant and relaxing environment suited to your comfort needs.

    I can help you through the process of choosing a bed setting that suits your lifestyle and taste.

    Bedspreads, duvet covers, throws, comforters and pillow shams can all be either made up in your fabric choices or sourced for you as mentioned in my Shopping Service below.

    Bed heads are a favourite of mine- nothing better than snuggling up in bed with a good book and somewhere comfortable to rest your head.

    Besides its practicalities, bed heads can make an amazing statement in your bedroom.

    I can advise you on the style, fabric choices and best fixing and my very clever upholsterer can make it up for you. 

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    Room Layouts

    The layout of your room is an important aspect of Interior Design.

    You want room to move and space to relax in and sometimes some outside advice can help you realize a different approach.

    I can assist you with the placement of your furniture, artwork and accessories. So often I’ve had said to me “Why didn’t I think of that?” 

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    The Finishing Touches

    Your art and accessories are what anchor your home and are a very personal expression of who you are.

    Cushions are a great way to liven up a space and I love making them in all manner of styles for my clients.

    I can also provide you with made to order lampshades made from the fabric of your choice, and refer you to numerous suppliers of artwork and ornaments. 

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    Shopping Service

    Face it Ladies, we all love to shop and I’m no exception.

    Sometimes though, you just don’t have the time to find that perfect coloured towel or the new duvet required in the guest bedroom.

    Whatever your need in interior accessories then I will do my utmost to source it for you.